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Unbottle Emotions

Unbottle Emotions engages with young adults through advocacy, awareness, and educational initiatives about mental & emotional well-being. They aim to begin the process of establishing the importance of utilising mental health and emotional intelligence frameworks and programmes as stepping stones to transforming workspaces, educational institutions, and policymakers into healthy, open, and emotionally agile spaces.

Light Up

Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation) is a not-for-profit in Delhi/NCR – India. Light Up (EMF) advocates the need to practice Emotional Intelligence through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs. They are prototyping and developing SEL workshops that are designed to complement existing school curricula by teaching social and emotional skills that contribute to better social and emotional adjustment and higher academic achievement.


Fortis Hospitals

The Fortis National Mental Health Program has been developed with the aim of extending mental health services to the broadest segment of society possible. The Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, under the leadership and guidance of Dr Samir Parikh (Director), with its vision for uniform services across all Fortis facilities in the country, is the singular largest mental health system operating out of various centres in the country.



Untangle.Space accelerates India’s mental health revolution and ensure that young adults have a guiding light to help them deal with the trials and tribulations of this confusing, high-pressure and foundational phase of life.

This is done in three ways. These being: Increase easy access to low cost, quality-assured therapy for all those who want it but cannot afford it fully, Increase awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing and pervasiveness of poor mental health, and open dialogue, discussion and debate on various platforms through online and offline campaigns

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The Safe Space Project

The Safe Space Project aims to ensure that survivors of sexual assault have a non-judgemental, guilt-free space to voice their experiences and concerns of sexual and domestic violence in the form of virtual safe spaces.
We hold a network of multiple legal, mental health and social support professionals across the country to ensure safe and non-judgemental professional help for these survivors.
With our social media channels, we aim to raise awareness about the aspects of sexual violence that are not talked about.